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3 - Rib Front Tires

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Pro's & cons both ways. Wintertime use narrow more aggresive tires do very well. However in summer where you mow and don't want to mark up the grass, wider softer footprint tires seem to work better since traction isn't an issue. If you can I'd recomend a wide tri-rib that fits the 716's rim. If such a thing is avaliable. Use a secound set of rims for this and you'll be able to easily switch back later if desired. My 2 cents worth.

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Terry, I don't know where you will find a tri-rib that will fit on the wide rim. You could try a Carlisle "Turf Mate" tire this is much more rounded than the "Turf Saver" or Goodyear that is the stock tire on your 716. The Turf Mate is the cheaper tire that comes on many box store tractors and is available mail order or from places like Fleet Farm, and still useable (let out some air) in the summer. This tire has less tread blocks and has some siping in the blocks and does work better in the snow.

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I have 16x6.50-8 Carlsile rib tires on my Sears Suburban and I put a set on my MF12. They are different from a tri rib, they have many small ribs. They are easy on the yard and easy to steer, though they probably aren't good in dirt, not much grip and may just slide over the soil. You can see them on my Massey in this pic.

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I have the same type tire as in the pic on a jacobsen garden tractor and a A.C. 716. I feel they are terrible on anything but dry conditions. They do make the tractors turn slightly easier with there more rounded design. I too would like to find a set of rib tires for the wider front rims so if you find anything in a 3 rib or possibly a 4 or 5 rib with deap treads please share your findings. I have seen some wider rib tires but they were for a 6" rim. Dan

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