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Another Honda Transplant

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Finally got around to finishing my AC 620 Honda transplant. Club member Aaron Hodge came by to pick up my old CCKB and as part of the price I managed to corral him for a few hours of help. We got a workout putting the new Honda in and out of the tractor before we finally got everything lined up correctly and bolted in. When we were loading the old CCKB onto Aarons truck the Front PTO clutch key fell out and I'm going to have to reinstall the PTO with the key in it this time! Here are a few things I think I can add to Sam and Schaeffer's write ups. Sorry no pics but their posts are pretty complete. 1. The instructions from SEW are still very crude (one page!) and contain references for installs on other machines (i.e. Case, JD etc.) This gets a little confusing when trying to figure out if the particular instruction pertains to your machine or not. 2. They have corrected the engine riser so that it just bolts in. My engine came with the flywheel adapter already torqued and ready to go. The rectifier is now bolted onto the engine so you don't have to relocate it onto the tractor frame. 3. The throttle and choke assemblies where a little disappointing. The drilled holes in the mounts do not match the holes in the dash so you need to rebore to 1/4 inch and use lock washers. The throttle seems to rub on one side of the dash slot so it makes it a little stiff to apply throttle. I'm going to have to do some kind of mod here. 4. Getting the oil cooler to fit was a little tricky. It is a tight fit and in order to make it mesh with my shrouding I had to play with it carefully and make a few bends in the shroud. It's snug but correctly installed. All in all it looks nice and I finally got a chance to turn the key tonight. It is about half as loud as my old CCKB. It also started right up very smoothly. Can't wait to get the hood on an start playing. Thanks again to Aaron and all the posts on making the transplant. I'm a novice when it comes to engines but it was a project well worth the time and effort.

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Sean, I had FUN if you can call it that helping you out, the only problem I have now is that I want to put a Honda in my 720, but I dont htink that will happen.. I have my CCKB and the donor I got from Sean torn down, I am thinking I wil just use the shortblock from seans engine insted of tearing into 2 engines for the crankshaft I need for mine but it is still a work in progress....Sean let me know If you want to get rid of that snow cab!!

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