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Briggs vs. Kohler

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I have come to a conclusion, after reading and experience, that neither briggs or kohler are better. People think the briggs have more torque and power because the governor works at idle, where as on the kohler, you have to get the rpm's up for the governor to work. The governor on the briggs does the same thing as giving the motor more gas with the throttle lever. the kohler does not at idle, so it will stall. From the simpletractors site : Briggs - Instant power response at all speeds with the exclusive dual spring governor that makes engine seem to anticipate sudden loads and respond instantly. Even at low rpm, the engine instantly responds to demand for more power. I have seen torque curves for both briggs and kohler 12HP engines, at a lower rpm the kohler has more torque. THe only thing that makes the briggs seem more powerful is that the governor works at idle. I like both, the briggs run real nice, but i have had more problems with them.

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Grahm if you want, you can make a throttling on your Kohlers also. And if both engines have the same HP, idle RPM and the same variable idle speed control, neither one or the other will have a significant power advantage. The only reason the variable idle is the way it is so you don't kill the engine moving about a very low engine speeds. Just like a farm tractor.

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Graham, if you'll notice, for the Briggs to have govn. control at idle speed the carb. idle must be reduced to a lower setting where it doesn't interfere and the govn. rod pulling the springs must be set for a low idle speed setting as well as for no-load hi idle speed. This gives a Briggs full govn. control. You can duplicate this on a Kohler by setting the govn. spring lever that the control cable attaches to in a simular manner. When the throttle shaft low idle screw is set on the carb, the spring tention is released and the govn. can't pull in when needed. This makes the flywheel inertia carry any extra induced load. Must Briggs aren't set this way so they aren't any better off than any other engine for idle induced loads. I hope I've made sence. This is covered in detail in the Briggs repair manual.

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