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Posting pictures ??????

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How to UP-Load Pictures to Forums (UPDATED) [url]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=33415[/url] How to Fix The Dreaded Red X or diskette Fixing The Dreaded.[img][/img] or diskette [img]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/images/disk.gif[/img] showing up instead of your picture. [url]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=25930[/url]

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Maynard, if you get a chance, I posted somthing is the test drive section, could you take a look a it and tell me the difference in the pictures. One I didn't have to retype and two I would have to. I'm trying to figure out how to make my pictures post with out retyping the link. Elon

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Read the instructions in the posts above. The problem is how your camera downloads to your computer not meeting the requirements of the program to display pictures here. It is a simple process that takes less than 30 seconds to do before uploading. It is also a simple process to fix only requiring a few seconds once uploaded. The other problem is most people can't be bothered to read the instructions or repair there own uploads. Any picture that has been uploaded to this site can be displayed in any post by right clicking on the picture, copying the URL address and pasteing it between the img brackets Some people are trying to display other peoples uploads by opening the disk file, coping the picture to their computer then uploading the picture again doubling the bandwidth on the site for one picture. When this picture is opened instead of coping to there computer all that is needed is to right click on the picture click on properties highlight the URL address and copy it then in the reply box paste the URL address between the img brackets. If anyone is offended with the way I explained this I am sorry but I know no better way and after so many times it gets old especialy when no one will read.

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