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Tires Sizing Mania

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There is pretty much only 2 things mechanically that stump me--exhaust systems for vehicles, and tire sizing, well three--i dont touch electrical stuff. Im looking to get some tri ribs for 2 maybe 3 of my tractors. The tire sizes on them now are 1-B-10 with 6.5x8, 1-B-10 with 4.80x8, and a Big-Ten with 500x8. The B-10 with the 4.80x8 are the skinnyest, and i like the looks of skinny tires especially the tri-ribs. Could someone school me on what size i need. There is just to much variation between my three tractors. Should i be buying the 3.50x8, 4.00x8, or 4.80x8. They are going on 5" wide rims BTW.

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