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Sun Star Cab Heater

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Hi, One of our customers that is a retired truck mechanic showed me these pictures. I would like to say first he is special to me. Whe I found out that I had cancer and was going to have surgery, it was in the early spring when everything goes nuts. This guy who was a rather casual acquaintance, came into our shop and worked on equipment for a month just to help me out while I was laid up. He refused any pay. This is the type of person he is. He and another person that I had tried to hire both did this. This makes one very appreciative of the good that is out in the world yet in spite of all of the "NEWS". Anyway he gave me these pictures of the heater he has on his Sun Star. He made several cardboard models before making the tin one. Looks to me the adapter is a furnace boot for a heat run in a heating system. He says he can blow snow in his shirt sleeves. This is a later Sun Star with the left side exhaust, so fumes are not a problem. Thought you guys might enjoy this and that maybe, it might provide a challange.

If someone has to fix these pics, thanks in advance. Hope these are of interest. Al Eden

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Originally posted by lboy1971
Looks like a good idea as long as no exhaust gases get in from a leaking manifold or something.
If all cabs are like mine, there not completely air tight. If a little gasses get in, I dought they would be any problem. Elon

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That's a pretty neat set up. I'd have to modify it some to go around the exhaust, to enter the cab on the left side. The single stage blower has the chute control rod entering on the right. Coming out of the plenum higher up should acomplish that well enough. Thanks to you both for sharing this idea!!

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Al: What a great friend you have in him! Did he say if the heater resulted in a great amount of additional engine noise or not? I would like it would but, if it were me, I'd be wearing ear muffs anyway, so probably not a big deal--just curious. Thanks, Peter

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