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What kind of tools needed for RINGS

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Ridge cutter, cylinder hone to cut glaze and set cross hatch, Ring groove cleaner, (a broken ring can be used for this) Feeler gauge, (to check ring end gap) Ring expander, (optional, can expand rings by hand but be carefull) Ring compressor, (this can also be done useing fingers one ring at a time.

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Not to try and sound smart, but all this and the application on small engines and what to look for is covered in the Briggs repair manual. It's full of tips and instructions on rebuilding and repair. If your not familiar w/ rebuilding it's almost a must have. The neat thing about the repair manual is other than the type specific parts breakdown pics the info holds true to most any brand of engine.

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Yes Dave, the briggs manual is good but I think the new ones now only cover engines newer than sometime in the 80's. I would reccommend their antique engine manual, maybe both books. You can find both of these on the briggs website or possibly at any briggs dealer. If they don't have them, I would think they could order them. It is possible that you may also need to grind or replace the valves and check the valve guides and seats for wear. Oil consumption can come from a combination of culprits. Check the head and the top of the engine block for flatness, (I've seen CI tecumseh's with warped cylinders), The cylinder bore should be measured if you have not already done so. There are special inside calipers? for measuring this. You would take a measurement at 3 or more places, close to the top, middle, and close to the bottom of the ring travel. It is likely to be a little out of round. I got a set of the 3 calipers from Harbor Freight. Many of the needed tools for rebuilding could also be found at a good auto parts store.

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Originally posted by MPH
A large hose clamp can also be used instead of a ring compressor. Easier then by hand, cheaper then the real deal.
I have used one of thouse oil filter wrenches that is used with a 3/8 ratchet. Elon

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