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BGB mystery

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Picked up 2210 recently for my b-i-l (converted him from a bolens) found a noise in the bgb area. It was believed to be a loose pto side pulley when purchased(not). I did find that the pulley spacer on the drive side of the shaft was loose (could spin by hand while holding pulley), so thinking there was a bad bearing in the bgb I split the tractor and pulled the bgb out. It had been leaking badly for some time there is quite a pile of goop on the frame area. On diassembly I found a chipped tooth on one of the gears and that the pulley spacer was not only installed backward beveled edge toward the pulley but that it is also about 3/16th of an inch shorter than two of my spares from a 700 (or 2). I was finding that while trying to tighten up on the spacer that the nut was bottoming out in the half-moon key. So aside from my long winded story I wonder if there is more than one size of pulley spacer out there or did someone mangle this one and then cut it down? The parts call out for lfgt only shows one drive side pulley spacer. Has anyone else run into something like this or is this just something unique and just my luck? No pics tonight too cold to stay out there any longer than I needed to tear the the bgb down.}:)

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I ran into this a few months back when rebuilding a BGB in my HB212. One of the spacers are a little longer and I also was not sure why. I am wondering now if it may have been a difference in the length of the hubs on the drive pulley and they changed the length of the spacers to offset that.

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