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Don't believe there is any records as too when serial #'s of these old machines were built. Engine code is about as close as anyones been able to come. When I had the tranny apart on the 112 several years ago I did find a date cast into it just below and a little forward of the right rear axle. Seems we all decided that was good for plus or minus about a year of when sold. I don't think I ever found the castting on my 725 which would be the same as your B-1. Been a few years since I read the history section in SimpletrACtors but I'm thinking the AC takeover of Simplicity was in '63, thus the first year of the B-1. The first year of the 725 had a straight shift lever like the 700's, Think the bent one, so you don't break your knuckles when shifting came into being in '63. Kirk did a real detailed article a couple years ago on the difference between the newer and older 725's. A search in the old posts should give you some detailed reading.

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Those are just patent numbers. Likely all machines equiped with the same items carried the same pat. no.'s. You could probably check with the Pat. Office, and find out when the pats. were applied for and granted. (Although I've never tried)

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Paul There should have been an aluminum (?) plate above that tag that would have had the model and serial # stamped in it (at least to my knowledge of the equivialent simplicity 700). The 700's have been discussed to some degree here while the B-1's seem to be in the minority in that particular age range. I'm not sure if there's any particular reason for it either. Engine should be a model 19 B&S, while with the simplicity line there was a change in model designation(700 to 725) in the early 60's (62-63) may have been (61-62), I don't think that there was a corresponding change in model designation in the allis line. Of course I'm not exactly sure why simplicity changed the model designation since all model 19's were claimed to have produced 7 1/4 hp. After looking at you pic's in your other post I'd say that your B-1 is a later B-1 (eqiv to 725) due to the curved shifter, rounded fuel tank, and tall steering colum all being halmarks of the later production models and going out on a limb to say that these halmarks also hold true to the Allis line as well as the Simplicities. Good luck with your project BTW there currently 7 tractors in the garage, each needing one repair or another! LOL

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