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Finally I can adjust my plow blade

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When I got my plow it was missing all the pieces it takes to adjust the angle from the seat. So when I needed to adjust the angle I'd pop it in neutral, get off the tractor, pull the pin, angle the blade, reinstall the pin, then climb back on the seat, throw it in gear and back to plowing. What a hassle because someone lost the pieces. Now back to the story, Club member Mark ( mbrook ) stopped by for a welding project he needed done, and wile talking said he had the same kind of plow, and he'd drop it off so I could duplicate the pieces from his plow. Well he dropped it off yesterday and this is what I came up with.

Here I had to use a little thicker tube for the pivot plate. and I didn't have any roll-pins so I just used 1/4" rod on the latch. my spring was a little different so i had to put a notch in the latch.

The factory rods are 5/16" the closest I had on hand was 1/4" or 3/8" so I went with the thicker. I couldn't get a sharp enough 90 deg bend with the rod so I cut and tig welded the 90's and just bent the rest. And they're 316 series stainless so they should out last the tractor.

I don't know how the factory joint goes so I just used a 1/2" drive universal joint. The pin is so when I remove the plow I can pull it to remove the adjuster handle.

Here's the top view of every thing assembeled.

And lastly the side view of "Saturday in the garage". I'd like to thank Mark (mbrook) for letting me borrow his plow to dissasemble it for the purpose of duplicating the peices, and Ray (RayS) for providing me with a drawing of the bracket that supports the handle. -Paul

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Very nice work there Paul. Looks just like the setup on my 620 blade. Cept' the linkage comes from the left side. I overcame the bending problem by getting ahold of a wedge and die block from an old brake press. I use it in my shop press. It just takes a few minuets and sometimes an extra hand to set up but it does a very clean job of bending and it was cheap. Not as nice as an IronWorker press but it was a lot cheaper.

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Real nice piece of work. Shows me you know what your doing at work after looking at your profile. Nice to be able to use the skills you developed to make a greenback for something that'll last you forever.

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