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Tractor Tow Hitch

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Some time ago there was a post about a bracket/hitch someone made to pick up a tractor by the front axle so they could tow/move tractors. Did a site search but cannot find it. Will appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction to the post. One way I envision to do this is make a "U" or channel to fit beneath the front axle that fits the dozer blade hitch. Then drive up to the towed tractor with the lift down, pick up the lift, and drive off with the towed unit. Could either push or pull (in reverse) with the rig. Or maybe make a similar unit to fit the Brinly sleeve hitch. Any other ideas are welcome. I'm looking for a way to move my B-1 from one garage to the other (up & down hill). Thanks,

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I have used a long pipe "thick walled" and a chain. Drill a hole at the top of the pipe, bolt the chain to it, and but a hook at the other. Back right up to it, hook it, lift it, drive away. Cheep and easy!!! That is the only way to go! IMO Elon

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Roy, Have you tried your rear ball hitch for this? I have moved two old junkers with mine. I just hooked the ball, either under and behind the front axle, or under the rear hitch, picked the end of the tractors up, and took them where I wanted them. Moved one by the front axle, but had to lift rear of the other since tranny was frozen and rear wheels wouldn't turn. Only difference is the hookup is on the rear and a little harder to watch. In fact, I have been thinking about making a towing adapter that would bolt on in place of the ball on my hitch. Rear hitch should work fine for once-in-a-while usage. If I were doing a lot of tractor moving as a business, like B-R, I would definitely want a front hitch, then.

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