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Granted the complete lack of snow in Milwaukee has got me jumping the gun just a bit, but at least I got one good use out of my snowthrower (thanks again Lloyd)! But all this nice weather has got me in a summer mood - and hence, lawncare! Thanks to all who responed to my previous question about mower improvements. I have decided that I will, in fact, perform and experiment once summer actually arrives. I will hook up the lawn vac and mow the yard with gator blades and take pictures for all to see. The following week, I will change decks to one with regular old Hi-lift blades and do the same....with pictures. Then, we can get all decide which works better. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions about where to pick up a few sets of each of these blades? I went on e-bay and found a company called Express Mower Parts. I believe they are in Jacksonville. I called them and I can not emphasize enough how nice and helpful the guy on the phone was (must be something about tractors that brings out the best in folks!) Anyway, he could not help me for a few reasons (but gosh he tried). One, I have a left handed deck and they do not carry left-handed blades. Second, I am not at home and do not know the length of the blades nor the size of the center hole on my 48" deck. Do any of you know what these dimensions are off the top of your head (Simp 7016)? Actually, I know some of you do, would you mind sharing it with me? I may just go ahead and buy some blades from them just because he was so nice! Also, a few years ago, the Simplicity dealer near my house said that the blades can not be sharpened. I didn't believe it, but then again, I was not aware of the resource that is the Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractor Club, Inc. :) If the blades can be sharpened, what are some of your secrets or tips for doing so? Zillions of questions, I know, I know. But I get on a roll and just can't stop. So much to learn!!

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Here are gator blades cheap and I can get them for around the same price as well. gator blades can be sharpened I use disc sander if I do them at home, if I take them to work I use a stationary belt sander. The gator blades stay sharper longer than OEM blades and are a harder metal than OEM blades. http://mowproducts.com/

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Erik, the 48" blade is 16-5/8" long with a 3/4" center hole and 3/8" side holes 3" apart. I would guess your 7016 deck uses the side holes and not the center hole. The BEST value is OEM Simplicity blades. They are very hard and do not dull easy, they are worth at least 10 of the after market blades if not more. I have NOT worn out a set of Simplicity blades yet, and I have been mowing 3+ acres for 25 years including lots of woods and brush, sand and rocks. And, yes of course they can be sharpened the blades, I sharpen them to more like a 30-45 deg. angle instead of the 10-15 like you see when new. They are much more durable and do not dull as fast. Be sure you dip the blades in water after each pass with the grinder so you do not take out the "temper" or hardness.

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