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It depends on if the fluid in it is red or brown. Most likely its brown. I generally buy Simplicity brand hydro fluid in quarts for the brown. I have used the Dextron in some of the older tractors that had red fluid in them.

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Sam, does it really make that much difference? I figured all the RBT's w/sunstrands used the same stuff? I had seen dextron in one of my books so I bought a case to use in the 17GTH-L. I guess it is a "newer" tractor. I don't know what color is in it now and haven't changed it yet.

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This will date me but in the 50's & 60's Mercon (type F) ATF was "stiffer" than Dexron which was a "softer" fluid. Mercon was specified for Fords automatic transmissions to protect them from slipping during shifts and causing premature failure. Recent discussions have recommended Type F and Dextron interchangeable. Are all fluids the same now? Or, is it that the Simplicity hydros and hydraulic systems are not as sensitive to viscosity as some automatic transmissions? Thanks,

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Type F and Dexron are different. Dexron II and higher, match up with Ford Mercon, also known as type H. Chrysler ATF is different again. What I was taught by the lube formulating chemist was that the type of friction material in the auto trans was different. I think it was that type F would strip the band when dexron was needed. There is another fluid that is very common in ag uses called UTF. This is universal tractor fluid, typically this is the fill for the gear cases and rearends of farm tractors, does every thing but the engine, and I hear the oil manufacturers are trying to do that too. Then there is industrial hydraulic fluid, sometimes used on lightly loaded gears, but mostly for circulating systems. Air compressor oil is very similar to hydraulic. There are industrial gear oils and vehicular gear oils. Major difference is the whether it is design for the combination of sliding and rolling contcat in hypoid gears or not. Industrial oils are also usually inhibited for use in worm gear boxes that ususlly have bronze worm gears. Unfortunatly, this doesn't help to answer the question of what to use in a hydro. I have FDT tractors, so they use SAE 90 gear lube. Hope this helps, if not, sorry

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