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Easy Cheap BGB Fix

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Couldn't get the bolt off the end of the input shaft last night but I could feel the gear turnning on the shaft, about the 11 degrees worth of slop I stated earlier the BGB had in it. At 5:30 this morning after briefly getting up, when I layed back down the lite came on as to how to hold the shaft from turning to break the bolt loose without vise jaw marks, put the driveshaft yoke back on stupid. Worked great. The shaft and gear both look good and a new key fits them tightly but the old key was badly worn, best a carpenter can figure using a machinest tool it's got about .030 groove worn in right at the top edge of the shaft. Never seen one worn that bad. Tired 3 different shots for a picture, this is the best I could get after zooming in 4 time in photoshop

the shinny line accros the key is where the grove is, also a little shine around the half moon of the key. Not complaining at all, 45 cent fix, plus the new seals.^

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