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Thread lock ??

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Check out your crankcase breather system. Piston blow by gasses are exaust cases. That is yhy PCV valves were the first thing to be mandated for emmissions. Your crankcase should vent into the carburetor air intake to be reburnt. Leaks in that system would have a good chance of getting into your cab.

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It depends on what you are assembling. I would do the opposite on many pieces. I use anti-sieze on head bolts, and light grease on many of the smaller bolts that hold on the side panels, etc. That way if you ever have to take it apart again it will be much easier. I have used threadlocker on allen screws such as on my transmission pulley because it tends to loosen up.

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by all means use a good thread locker, I had my Onan CCKB apart and put back together and 2 of the bolts holding the head to the oil sump dropped off and the other 2 were way loose,, nedless to say I used threadlocker when it went back together for the 2nd time

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Most the time i dont use thread lock, if its not been tightend down in the past and the parts have been run loose, I might. Some part demand that you use it as well. A friend of mine used a ton of that stuff all the time. I told him he should invest in a good tork wrench. Once you get the feel of what 25 pounds are and maye 55 or 90 you and the bolt will be much better off. The reason the make some wrenches only 5" long is that wrench is designed to pull 20 to 40# and the longer (usually box wrenchs) that are like 9" long it was designed to pull 50 to 90#. Plus many times if you think you have it tight it might not be. Use allen for example, if it have a bad thread and or the threads in the peace be bad. So you tighten the heck out of it, but really the allen is at a bind and its not as tight as it should be. Hench a good set of taps and dies is a must, the tap will clean out the threads and then all the pressure your give a bolt/allen is going to tighten it not puting it in a bind. Places that might demand lock tight usually are a part the spins fast and or has a lot of heat transfer. Just my experence.

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