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3314 Coming Together 'Sunday Drive"

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Its starting to look like a tractor again. Got my box of parts in Monday afternoon,Thankyou Brenda

Got everything sorted out , the BGB back together with new seals and woodruff keys, which took the play out real good, new bearings and seals in axle, started putting new axle tube in when I realized I was missing one washer. There were three missing to start with plus the rt side spacer was chewed up pretty rough, that's what Brenda got cold wet feet looking for:), but forgot to tell her to order the washer SLI didn't have, the one that is groveed out for covering the snapring. That part of the job on hold again. So, I painted the orange with a couple coats of chevy orange-red after sanding the chips smooth and today got the BGB, electric lift, driveshaft, 14hp Briggs back in and the sterring linkage finished. Don't know if any of you do it but I always replace the 3/8's bolts with long enough ones that the threads aren't pivoting in the hole, then I cut off the extra length. Looking like this so far.

Bought some Almond paint for the hood today since I can't find any gray light enough. Get a couple coats on it and orange on the seat pan over the next few days. Finished getting as far as I can go for now then snapped a pic from the rear.

Got the hood and seat pan on thier way to being done. Wet sanded on the gravel instead of wire wheeling outside in the -50 saturday

Then rust-killed the hood and seat pan

Used epoxy Almond paint on the hood, almost had a perfect one coat job til I reached across it and got lint in the paint, be sanding in the morning.

seat pan in my back porch paint room, gotta crank the heaters all up but with the front door cracked open the fan sucking heat through and fumes ou tworks real good

then there's my seat

foam removed

took it outside and wirewheeled it good

then a good coatting of rust-killer

Think I'll cut and glue some new foam to it, figure out a way to bolt it on again as the two rubber bumpers rusted off, might have to put some metal on the bottom, not much left there. did some backwoods body work tonight on the seat, some scrap rooffing flashing, pair of nibblers

hammer, drill and a bunch of pop-rivits. And a little JB weld on new nuts to hold the mounts.

lucky for me I scrounged some high density foam scraps at work last summer. Think I'll cut one more for the bottom then spray glue it into place.

Glued the foam on the seat, bit messy of a job, then I gave the shirt off my back for a seat covering. cut, glued and trimmed my last black sweatshirt for a RBT. Must be losing my mind. Even got the plastic trim back on the edges, first tractor I've gotten that still had that on in useable shape

Man, almost been a month since I did any tractor work. Hadda go to page 3 to find this dusty ole post. Got the tranny back together and installed, the Vickers put on, after a long fight with one hose nipple I had to remove to get a wad of paper outta the works, got driven in when the nipple poked through the box I guess in shipping. Hadda buy a 7/8 deepwell air socket just to get a 1/2 drive 6 point. Getting the pully off the Hydro pump ate a couple hours too, think it been on there since 1971. Having not removed a hydro from the tractor took me a bit to figure out the tin and hose routeing but I have zero leftovers and had to make one bracket for the cooling shroud. Filled it with fluid then cranked with the starter like the book says to bleed out the air and WOW, the axles were turning. That was the good part, sad part is it leaks out the pintle shaft just turning with the starter. Got the rear wheels on to learn I need new bears in the right hand side hub, but that should be easy. Waitting for some JB weld to dry on the cooler as the little round nuts turn in the top so couldn't finish that.

Have a set of wts painted up black for the rear end but gonna wait to install til I get the new bearing in the hub.

Hope to take it for a Sunday drive tomorrow.:) I got my sunday drive in but can't claim to be done yet. hadda take the aircleaner off so the hood would close. Don't remember what the snag was with the long intake neck but gotta figure a way around it. Hydro linkage needs some adjusting too, have more reverse then forward speed. Here's a few pics of the cuise around the drive. Made a seatpan rest, padded it with two layers of bike innertube.


Hadda stretch the footrest 3 inches also

out the door


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Yes Marty I have done that with bolts also wherever something pivots on a bolt like the tierods. It seems the threads chew on the metal a lot more wearing it out faster and also gives a tighter fit. Looking good and that chrome paint on the wheels don't look to bad either.

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Your off the hook Maynard. :) This one came home several years with the 4040. In Fact, thanks to your info last summer I had the two driveshaft washers I needed last night in a can of BGB parts. Soo thanks again^

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:(Sorry for the delay in getting things back together...The washer should be in on Tues or Wed. But your other parts will be in the mail on Monday:)....Just a minor delay...:(

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Won't have much money in the seat Paul, can of spray on glue I bought today will be about it, everything else I need is 'around the place'. Well, might order new rubber pads to mount it on. Greg, Using Rust-oleum Appliance Epoxy. Used it on the 4040 hood and it's doing well on there. I learned then, You MUST sand between coats, otherwise you get orange peel. Says so on the can but who reads instructions on a can of paint. B) B)

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