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Koehn Cabs

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Hi, These are the cabs I got with the 2 diesels. They are Koehn cabs and we put them on. One has a wiper the other doesn't. I posted them because they are rather unique. The glass windshield is removable and the side and rear windows slide up. They are a flexible polycarbonate and there channels up the sides and across the top. The windows slide up with one over the other, likwise with the rear. In the summer the windshield come out and with the side and rear windows up it is a sun shade. In the winter, the doors come to the bottom of the windows and have a canvas that covers the side of the hood, like a "Heat Houser" so they are fairly warm. The tops are fiberglass. Thought these might trigger some ideas for homemade cabs. Sorry the shadows are so bad on some of the pics. Hope these work. [url="pop_download.asp?mode=Edit&dir=Al&file=20144"][img]images/disk.gif[/img][/url]

[url="pop_download.asp?mode=Edit&dir=Al&file=20146"][img]images/disk.gif[/img][/url] Thanks Al Eden

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