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latest find( Updated B-1, 710, 725)

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Sunday, my Dad spotted this Simplicity in "captivity" next to a pawn shop in St.Louis. He brought me this pic.

After looking at the pic I decided it was worth calling about. The guy at the pawn shop said I could have it if I took the snapper out of his way too. I didn't want to let it get away so I picked it up today. It is a Broadmoor 707 mfr# 990375.

The engine is gone but it is otherwise complete. It came with a 32" deck which is in good shape, and it came with a broadmoor type snowblade hitch in very good condition. Unfortunately no blade or grill.It even still had one of the rare hood bolts. It looks much better in the pics than it does up close but I might have to keep this one around and put a motor on it. It is all original with the exception of the paint. Too good to part out. Update (2/11/06) Thursday I picked up these:

Got this AC 710 six speed. Missing a number of eng. parts. Paint is not too bad but someone got primer overspray on the hood. I needed the rear wheels for on my good 710, engine is supposed to knock. I may end up selling it, or fixing, not sure.

AC B-1, hard to tell it though. It was heavily modified. Someone put a 9hp motor on it. Hood is not factory. Deck is good. Original gas tank is gone, this one is a victim of some hacking. In the below pic you can see the footrests made for it and the goofy ampguage added to the dash. Lots of good parts. Engine might be good, not too bad for $60.

I also got a ford chainsaw for $10. I don't know if I can get it to run, but its a collectible.

While out picking up those items, I found a guy who had tons of mowers on his property. Found these:

I got this 42" blade to use with my broadmoor blade hitch, and it was only $10. Someone made custom skid shoes for it.

I also got this Simplicity 725 for $30. It is one of the early ones because it has the 2 piece seat, short steering column, and the engine is a model 19 rather than a 19D. It does have the bent shifter. It is mostly orig. Gas tank has a big hole in it. Only has one good tire. Someone put some small front wheels on it. BGB is good, don't know anything much about the engine's condition. Both emblems are good, and the grill will straighten out nicely. Going back next week for a Spirit of 76 Cub Cadet.

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Thanks for the comments. Today I picked up a B-1 and an AC 710 six speed. Also did some yard shopping. Spotted another 700 today, may even have a rear counterweight! Going back to see about it tommorow. Will likely post pics of the B-1 and 710 this weekend. Tom, I'll have to ponder that generous offer. How big is the hole? Thank You. Chris

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Elon, that was my 1st thought but after looking it over more closely I belive it really is a 725 because it has the larger diameter pivot pin on the front axle wishbone, has a bent shifter, it has the more round style gas tank, and it has a factory remote choke. It also has the factory cutout for the points on the grill, which my other 700's do not. Matt, Sorry but I plan on keeping the saw.

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