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Ignition question

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I know the point/magnetron/ flywheel discussion has been covered at length here, but I noticed something on one of my engines that got me thinking, and wondered if my theory is correct. I have a 67 model 10HP that ran Fine until the head gasket blew out, which I'm repairing. Just out of curiosity I happen to look down at the flywheel and coil and noticed this one has what looks like a magnetron coil. I don't think the flywheel was changed, simply because the shroud appears to have been cut open on the side, like someone just changed the coil without pulling the engine. Since it had functioning, hooked up points, I was wondering if: If points were wired in with a magnetic trigger, would it cause the coil to build charge for two cycles, until both the points closed AND the magnetron fired? Could this give hotter spark that would make up for the "wrong" magnet polarity?

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I'm not sure how well it would work with the points over the magnatron but haveing the mag. would cause it to fire every revolution. It would be my opinion that with the pol. backwards OR the points invadeing the magnatron timeing that this could be the reason for the blown head gasket.

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If there's a hole in your shroud big enough for somebody to stick there hand in there to replace the coil no wonder you've got a bad head gasket` That shroud is used to direct cooling air off the flywheel fan to keep head cool and blow the heat out the front of your tractor. I'd start looking for a new shroud.

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