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Unknown piston

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This is for those of you that enjoy old things like I do. A question: The 65 Landlord has a 23d Briggs on it. That is certain, so that is no problem. The engine ran until I tore it down, so that is no problem, either. The problem: A 23d has a 3 inch bore, the largest oversize that I can find is a .030" The piston in mine measures 3.050", slightly too large for a 3" hole! Does anyone know of a piston this size, caring not what brand of engine it came out of, so I can buy a set of rings to fit it. The rings on the piston I have show a bit of wear, with a .150" gap. I really don't know how the engine ran with that much of a gap! I know the engine will run if I put it back together the way it was, and right now, that is the only way I can come up with, to make it run again. I tried a couple of machine shops today trying to find some kind of piston with that size, but so far am drawing a blank. The engine had so little compression, that I could turn the shaft with my hand, tractor in gear, and move the tractor! I need some rings, but, boring may be a bit out of the question, as it has already been bored to .050" over standard. The next size Briggs standard is 3.445". That would be taking another quarter inch off the walls, and would likely be too much, and the life of the engine ...would not be! Any help or ideas will certainly be appreciated!

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Thought about a sleeve, and that is a question for Monday, when the machine shops are open. But, while asking today of the shops I was in, I found out that the closest place to me that will bore it is a couple of hundred miles from me. So, that one is basically out. The piston I have has rings, was gotten somewhere. What I would like to find is a 3.050 piston, or what one is from, then I could buy rings for the one I already have.

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