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Electric clutch

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I recently bought a Allis Chalmers 620 and the rear pto does not work I was wondering if there was a way to test the fields and the armature to see witch is bad I have power to the clutch but it still does not activate. some one cut the plug of and put crimp connectors on the fields.I wonder if they hooked the wires up back words and shorted out the clutch. I checked at the dealer yesterday and about had sticker shock but the parts are still available. thanks for the help in advance Dan.

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Dan, the coil connections are reverseable. The field coil should meaure with an ohm meter a fe ohms load. It should not read from either wire to ground. Or if it reads open it's bad. Most of the time on these older coils the epoxy wears out and allows the coil to rub the rotateing group and short out. Sometimes you can find a used coil in good shape or if you catch yours in time it can be cleaned and re-epoxied. Double check your connections, measure the coil w/ an ohm meter and help determine what exsactly is wrong. Most likely the coil is bad and will have to be replaced. Member JP can help with a used coil sometimes and member Mike Fox has a line on new coils for less than a dealer wants for one. Others may have something also.

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Dan, A good motor shop can rewind a coil and set it in epoxy for a lot less than new parts. I had a local motor man who works out of his barn rewind mine . He only charged me $35.00. That was about ten years ago though. (still works too!)

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