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B series PTO

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I used to use a small spring with one end hooked in one of the depth adustment holes on the lift quadrant and the other hooked around the engagement lever. It worked good until it fell off and I lost it in the grass.

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I used a spring, I think it was an old unused foot pedal retunrn spring, and installed it one end connected to somewhere on the set collar or rod, the other end around one of the bolts mounting the steering assembly under the belly of the tractor hidden from view. Works really well.

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You need to adjust the set screw where it attaches to the spring...see the above illustration, where it shows "C" and the set screw. Mine did the same thing until I made an adjustment. Also check to see that the rod is prefectly straight. Mine had a slight bend in it from so many years of people pushing and pulling on it real hard, and once I got it straight it was ok. Might have to hammer it on a smooth concrete surface to make sure it's straight and true.

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The nuts at points A & B should be the self-locking type. They will have a small indentation on 3 of the flats. Some friction can be applied to the movable arm to hold it in place. Standard nuts loosen very quickly. Don't ask how I know. Jim

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