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Decisions Decisions ! ...Heres the results...

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So much for a cheap 720. No side panels, missing all the heat shielding around the engine, front hydraulic take offs were gone and homade blade was connected directly to the piping. Entire driveline to the rear PTO was missing. Holes cut into the sides of the hood and dash. Parts of the hydro control lever were missing. No bottom cover plate. Drive belts were shot. It ran, but smoked heavily on one side. Front PTO assembly was missing. Seat was a fiberglass boat seat with no padding. It still brought $900, and the guy was going to fix it up. There was also a 738 look a like in the AC version that was pretty much junk. I never bid on it. It was that bad. All I got was a splined center spindle assembly for a Soverign deck from the 70's. With new bearings I may get most of my days gas money back. As for the boys and the sale I left them to work on... they didnt fare much better. Everything there went too high. They did get us a huge rural mailbox for $3 and a 6' Bookshelf for $6 and some odds & ends tools for themselves. Wasnt a total loss there anyhow. The only real redeeming thing that may come of the day was I stopped by a house on the way home and offered $100 for a junk 7117 with a hydrolift and rear lift on it. They sounded interested and would let me know later this evening...

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That's like about 3-4 years ago when I was at a household auction for an elderly couple that just happened to have an Allis 720 with mower deck,snowthrower,3pt hitch and rear pto. I didn't start the bidding but it looked like it was going to get sold for about %700 so I started bidding. It hung up at about 1300 when I was starting to get excited. The auctioneer even had them restart the tractor before calling the auction. After he shut it off the bidding started again and it eventually went for about $2500. The paint was poor on the tractor and attachments but everything worked so that wasn't too bad of a price.

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I did get the 7117, or maybe I should say I got a part of it anyhow. The kid decided he had to have it to fix up so he paid $75 and I paid $25. He got the chasis and rear lift and I got the engine, yet another Series 1 KT17. This one had experienced a fire around the fuel filter and had burner the ignition coil and wires, but left the rest of the engine intact as well as the carb. Been sitting two years after the fire. Needs tires, steering column, rear lift cable, seat, and a new seat deck. They cut a hole in it for a beer can holder. Havnt inspected the hydraulic hoses for fire damage yet, but it looks like it was mostly contained up high on the side of the engine. I think I'm going to make a new rule for around here. For every new tractor each kid thinks he needs , they got to get rid of 3 first. One kid has 5 or 6 now and the other has something like 8. This is getting ridiculous.We are accumulating but when it comes time to do work with them no one wants to volunteer anymore...

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Thinking how to justify 6-8 tractors. Ok, one to get the morning paper, one to walk the dog, one to get to the truck, one to take fishing to get from the truck to the shore line, one purdy enough to just look at, one back up just in case any of the afore mentiond tractors just wont do and one to mow with. Then there's the working tractors, One to grade the driveway, one to plow with, one to till, one to blow snow, one to plow snow........Hey, getting past 8 was easy.....I need more tractors!!!! On the serious side...my daughters of 7 and 10 each have their tractors and they both are learning early what it takes to keep them in shape. I tell them "i'm not always going to be here to take care of these so you kids need to know how on your own." I'd say the 7117 was a good buy all in all, even though one of the Son's wound up with it. Sounds like a good rule. I would be much more selective with odds of losing three for the want of one. Sean aka Zippo

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