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4040 w/60" center deck

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If the engine's in good shape it'll mow as fast as you can steer it. It is a 5 foot deck though and it works best with wide open fairly smooth ground. Rough terain and small places a smaller tractor would do a little better for floating and following the ground.

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my brother had a 4040 and it handled the deck good in lawn where he'd been cutting and it wasn't taller than the height of the top of the deck. When he cut in uncut and tall weedy grass then it would bog down and he'd to slow down and raise the deck some.

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Welcome to the best bunch of helpful people on the web. I've been mowing with a AC720 for years. Same basic tractor and deck but 19.5 horsepower. You will find that she mows best with the throttle wide open. If you have a problem with the mower rpm's dropping off when you back up, check the mount pins for the front of the deck and the belt idler and tension assembly on the front of the tractor. If the pins are worn, everthing will shift when you back up and take tension off the belt. For heavy mowing, just slow your groundspeed and raise the deck a bit so the discharge doesn't clog up. If you have any slopes, just raise the hydraulics to put some tension on the lift cables for the deck. The whole deck will act like ballast and she will handle slopes like nothing else out there (take it slow and easy until you get the hang of it).

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the deck is mostly just good for regular grass - mid height - in large areas - any tall grass or wet tall grass and you have to slow way down - the deck is almost too big - cuts to much at one time to make it powerful - would have been better being alittle smaller - also if you back up on uneven ground mine tends to dig in too easily - i actually prefer my 42" regular riding mower - much easier overall - also the deck is very very heavy - oh ya did i mention its very heavy - difficult to impossible for one person to move around or remove from mower and store away - its easy to remove if your going to just drop it and leave it in the middle of the yard - otherwise its a pain - see ya

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