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woodruff key stuck?

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I was starting to rebuild my BGB this weekend which should have been a 2 hour job, except Mr Murphy showed up to help me out. I could not remove the woodruff key on the shaft where the pump pulley mounts, I tried for an hour with a slim screwdriver, a pair of channel locks and heat from my torch, it would not budge. I had to disassemble it from the pto side pushing out the spacer seal and bearing, not the easiest way, thats for sure. Once I had the cross shaft out and bare I tried clamping the key in my vise and tightened it with a hammer, it would not budge, I tried until the metal tore away so much I could not grab it in the jaws, and yes I tried heating it while in the vise, I finally got out my Dremel tool and a thin disc 1 inch dia. and ground a groove down the center, the disc went halfway in and fit the slot perfectly, two taps with a hammer and drift punch toward the center and out it came. I know there has to be a better way, has anyone else had this happen?

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Hi, We usually get them with a pair of diagonal cutters. You need the ones with the cutters close to the hinge, like Snap Ons. etc. I just bite them on one end and pivot the cutter up. If this don't work, I then take a punch the dia of the key thick and go to one end of the key. I put the shaft on a flat steel block I have, weight about 50 lbs. Then I use a heavy about 4 lb hammer and usually the key will just roll out of the slot. Drive one end down and the key will rotate up. Then grab with the cutters. 2 points. Must have a solid flat surface for the shaft and use a heavy hammer. Light hammers will just swell the key and it won't move. Sometimes a cold chisel driven from one end will push them out. Al Eden

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I've had luck using a chisel and laying it parallel to the shaft with the edge biting into the end of the key. Then hit the chisel with a hammer. I've also done it the ways Al suggested. Whatever works.

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