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Steering siezed up on 912

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I was pushing the 912 out of the garage(engine is out of it) so I could make room. Apparently the steering gear siezed up. I cranked on the wheel and actually rounded the plastic in the middle of the steering wheel(I must be King Kong or something). Now I am looking for a steering wheel to replace it, will probably put the steering gear in off of the 712. Has this happened before? Anybody got a 700/7000 series steering wheel I can have??

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Hi, I have seen your problem quite a bit. The grass collects behind the tank and battery and stays wet. Two very common things happen Due to the fact that the circuit breaker has voltage on it all of the time, the terminals connecting it it are eaten away by electrolysis. All of a sudden the electrical system is totally dead. Most common failure the terminal at the circuit breaker. Replace it with a lug and nut, then coat it with silicone gasket material, [thick so it won't short out] and go mow. [after it has cured] The second thing is the collars that control the depth of the mesh of the steering shaft. These get rusted up [1 on top and 1 beneath the adjusting plate] Free them up and lube them up and you will be in business. They should have some lube sprayed on them once a year. Since it is sticking, I would remove the steering gear assy, disassemble it, clean and lube it up, put anti-sieze on the adjusting bolts, reassemble it and set the backlash on the gears. This is done by moving the steering [wheel] shaft downward [to decrease the play in the gears] with the 2 bolts that control the height of the adjusting plate. Next the steering wheel. Turn the wheel to slip the hub until the wheel [spokes] are centered when the front wheels are straight ahead. Remove the wheel and drill a 5/16" hole through the wheel and the metal sleeve. Drill the hole near the top of the sleeve so it does not interfere with the steering shaft when the wheel is installed. Drive a 5/16" by 2" roll pin through the wheel hub and sleeve. Next turn the wheel upside down and mix some epoxy and pour it in the sleeve unitil it covers the roll pin. Let it harden and re-install it will be much stronger than new. Good luck, Al

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