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Snow Thrower Perspective

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I just finished hooking a snow thrower to my 7012, and I want to share some of the knowledge I acquired. Experienced users may read this and say, "Yeah, so what?" but remember, problems always seem easy to solve once you know the answers. There are 3 things to consider when installing a snow thrower. (1) PTO - where you put the belt to get the power (2) HITCH - to connect the snow thrower to the tractor (3) SNOW THROWER - size. FRONT PTO SYSTEM Apparently the 7000 series and some (early?) 7100 series used what is called a front PTO. This is a pulley mounted to the front of the engine crankshaft. So you can control when the pulley spins, there is a cone clutch, and the necessary fork, rod, lever, cone clutch and hardware. Since some engines have different diameter crankshafts, Simplicity makes a kit to adapt the front PTO to different engines. The hitch for this system provides the means to attach the snow thrower to the tractor, and includes two movable pulleys. A 66" or 69" long belt is looped over the PTO pulley and is routed down, under, and through the hitch, then forward and up to the snow thrower. Both hitch pulleys are idlers to guide the belt. One is spring loaded to apply tension. Product numbers 1690032 and 1690033 are identical and include the front PTO, hitch, and snow throwers, except one is 36" and the other is a 42" wide. CENTER PTO SYSTEM Other (late?) 7100 series use the center PTO to power the snow thrower. This PTO is sometimes called the rear PTO. Whatever it is called, it is the existing PTO used to power the mower deck. The hitch for this system provides the means to attach the snow thrower to the tractor, but only has one fixed pulley to guide the 147" long belt that goes all the way up front to power the snow thrower. Tension for the belt is provided by the same idler that applies tension to the mower belt. However, since the angle to the PTO of the snow thrower belt is slightly different than the angle of the mower belt, the 7100 series idler arm has a second hole where the idler pulley is moved when using the snow thrower to change the angle of the belt. The center PTO system is a much simpler design requiring far less parts. The center PTO system will work on the 7000 series tractors, but you will have to address two problems. (1) you will be unable to change the belt angle because the 7000 series idler arm only has one hole. The solution is to replace the idler arm with one from a 7100 series, or you can weld an ear onto the 7000 series idler arm. (2) the 7000 series tractor frame is 2" shorter than the 7100 series, and the belt will be too long. The solution is to extend the hitch. There are four snow throwers listed for the center PTO system, (1691521) (1690547) (1691522) (1690548), except that two are 36" wide and the others are 42" they are virtually identical. In fact, these 4 snow throwers are virtually identical to snow throwers used with the front PTO system. So, there you have it. Understandably, Simplicity makes complete snow thrower kits to fit specific tractors, and each is identified by a different product number. While the "What Fits" section on this website is quite complete, for a novice such as myself it is difficult to fully comprehend. If you can locate any snow thrower for a 7000 or 7100 series tractor you can make it work without much difficulty. If any users disagree with any of my statements, please post a correction or clarification so others are not mislead.

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