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montgomery ward and simplicity

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That's gonna be tough to answer I believe that there some years where different mfg's products were sold at nearly the same time depending on what was availible (for resale)from the mfg. In the early 70's for example Ward's sold the Twin Twenty which was a Powermax in diguise at about the same time they were selling Gilson built lawn and garden tractors. Of course I may be off the mark on the time line but the idea is would be the same. Simplicity also built the Squire and the Squire 9 which were a Wonderboy 700 and a Landlord wearing Ward's colors except for the very early Ward's Squire which was also the same color as Simplicity. Confused yet? There were also Ward's versions of the Woderboy 400 and the walkbehinds as well. From what I've seen here on this site the easist thing to remember about most of the Ward's stuff is that the model # will usually identify the mfg by way of a 3 letter prefix ie: GIL XXXXX (gilson) or SIM XXXXX (simplicity).

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