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AC917 deck lift info

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Just got my father in law started with the affliction. He got 8 years out of the Murry, but wanted a garden tractor. We found a AC917 with tiller, blade and 48" deck in very good shape. I downloaded all the manuals for him, but he has encountered a problem. The deck had not been used be the former owner, and this machine is different from my FDTs. The manual shows a cable lift for the deck as well as rear attachments. This deck lift cable is missing and he has the parts ordered from Sandy Lake (thanks Brenda). My question is wear does the pulley for the cable attach to the frame? The manual is not real clear on the location of the tab for the pulley. Based on my FDT decks, I thought it would just have a chain to lift the deck, but it does not lift more than an inch or so. Granted we have not lifted the tractor to get up under it, but I did not see anything obvious using a mirror to look under it. Does anyone have experience with this cable and pulley. I know the hydro hoses are a clearence concern. I am going to ba away from the computer for a week so I won't be able to respond until next week. Thanks everyone.

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