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advice on Big Ten axle seal replacement

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Well, my son Peter and I tackled the leaking right rear axle seal on one of our A-C Big Tens this weekend. We removed the right rear wheel, and finally got the collar off the end of the axle after realizing they are TWO set screws in the collar. The outer part of the differential unit came off, exposing the greasy internals. Now we're kind of stumped. Do we need to start removing the left rear wheel, collar, etc.? Or can we replace this right-hand seal by simply staying on the right side and somehow getting the rest of the differential off? Our service manual isn't exactly clear. We have two Big Tens with this same problem, so if anyone could kindly guide us through this procedure, they would be doing the earth a double-favor due to the amount of oil that will be prevented from leaking. Thanks for your help! Tom and son Peter Feldpausch

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Tom and Peter. Food for thought. I have seen some of these axle seals leak when the transaxle has too much gear oil in it. Are you sure that you are not overfull. Many of the tranaxles have the a street elbow screwed into the the gear case for checking the level of fluid. If the oil is up to the top of the street ell, it is too full. I take the street ell off and replace with a plug, and fill until the oil runs out the hole. Note: the bevel gear boxes will also leak out gearoil if they are too full. Mike.

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