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Broadmoor 738 Front Wheel/Tire Replacement

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The left front tire of my '73 Simplicity Broadmoor had a slow leak. With the exception of some 'dry-rot' in the side walls, the tire [tread] was in pretty good shape. So I removed the wheel from the tractor and brought it to the local tire shop to have a tube installed. The tire shop managed to butcher the rim trying to get the tire off, and punctured the new tube trying to get the tire back on. So, I'm worse off than when I started - now instead of a slow-leaking tire, I have a tire that holds no air with a butchered rim. I have some general questions: 1) did the original tire have a tube, or was it tubless ? 2) can someone recommend a good source for a replacement tire/tube/and rim ? (I would prefer to replace it with original equipment as to match the other side) 3) what is the proper tire inflation (front/back)? Some additional info: The front tire size is: 5.30x4.50x6. Some additional sidewall markings are: '2-Ply Rating', 'Carlisle', and 'Made in USA'. Thanks, Tom K.

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Seems to me I recall I sent away for my front tires on my 717 Brodmoor. They were very hard to find in that size but this company had them with tubes. And I put them together myself so they wouldn't get all marred up.[A href='http://www.millertire.com']http://www.millertire.com[/a]

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