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Hitch Assembly Blues

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Can anyone explain to me why my 616HLTD which crosses to a 5216H lists the same snow blower hitch assembly as a slew of 6100's, one 5100, and one 4200, but there is no mention of any blower attachments for a 5216 anywhere? How about the AC version of the 6100, 5100 and 4200, what are they? Thanks, Paul

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I'm going to assume your AC 616HLTD is a 1690954, which crosses to a 5216H (1690919). I will also assume the snowthrower in question is a 1690982. Is the 1690982 snowthrower a complete assembly including the hitch? I don't know. You'll have to check with a dealer or get an accessories parts book. Regarding assemblies, theoretically you may find that assembly (A) is made up of numerous components and assembly (B) is also made up of numerous components. A parts book may reveal that assemblies (A) & (B) are identical except that assembly (A) uses component (x) and assembly (B) uses component (y). Which means if you need assembly (A) to work on your tractor and you can only locate assembly (B), assembly (B) will work if you replace component (y) with component (x). Bottom line is, either get the exact snowthrower you need or get an accessories parts book and do the research to determine what is needed to make another snowthrower work.

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