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Kent a friend that I have never met

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To my Friend Kent, Even though we have never met we have had some very friendly conversations over the last few months. In a way it really saddens me to think of all of the stuff you have done for all of us. You only recently asked for help and I knew that it had to be out of desperation as you never before had asked so much as a nickle. Kent you have made my last few months some of the best ones I have had for a very long time. And you know what I mean. I seached for almost a year to find a site like this but I just could'nt. Then one day as luck would have it I came accross a site not only with Simplicity&AC on it but also with yours. I have wondered how long any one person could continue to do what you have been doing for us. Well like the saying goes if you leave the water running long enough it will not be long untill the well runs dry. I only wished that I could of done something to help so that this would not of happened to you. You have given us all something that just can not go un noticed. Ok everyone I will stop now. Think what you will of me. But I know that all of you truly care about not only my friend Kent but of our friend Kent. Yes Kent get to work on your tractor. But most of all not only take care of yourself and your family as well. And Kent you could of not picked out a better member and friend then Tim. I will continue to support not only you Kent but also Tim. You have made a site to be hold and one to be so very proud of. You are write Kent- finally asking for help for we are many and not just one man can take care of us all. I only hope that someday I will get to shake your hand and tell you thanks face to face. Thanks Kent and I will look forward to seeing your work on the club house. One of your "FRIENDS KENT"- Jack Lindstrom

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Sounds like an eulogy or something... I'm not dead yet! It's just that I've become convinced that I can't do it all:

1. My hand is healed enough that I can't duck all my chores (that have been backing up) any more, so my time available will be a bit more limited...

2. When I finally got around to doing the complete inventory of donated materials, I realized that there's enough good stuff there to keep me busy for a good long while...

3. I am now spending more time troubleshooting software problems than before(Yahoo initially, and now trying to duplicate some of Yahoo's functions on this server)...

4. The realization that I'm only one member of the club, but I was making too many decisions arbitrarily with limited input from other club members...

5. Finally, I'm trying to begin making distinctions between the club (as a group of people with common interests) and the Simple trACtors website. I personally made the decisions to take the website to a commercial server (not the "club") and I feel personally responsible -- I have no authority to take on any expenses in the clubs name. I'm now trying to make the website self-supporting by selling ads. It's too soon to tell for sure, but it certainly looks feasible.

6. I want to get in the position for the Simple trACtors website to offer a "free meeting place" for all club members in exchange for the knowledge and information you've so freely shared (and will continue to share, I hope). But, this requires that I focus on making it more "professional-looking" and less "amateurish". I can't do this with my limited time, if I'm also heavily involved in membership drives, fund-raising, etc.

I WILL still be an active club member, even an officer perhaps, but I don't want to keep trying to do it all - all by myself. I hope you understand -- and understand that I value these friendships we've built just as strongly as you do....

My sincere thanks!!! In the words of my Hillbilly Homeland -- I ain't going nowhere....


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