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Ariens Transaxle--Correct Lube?

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Hi all: I'm making slow progress on the (approx.) 1985 Ariens YT11, vert. shaft 11 h.p. lawn tractor I was given. Still waiting on a belt for the 38" deck, from the crappy, local dealer, of course....:(! But I don't know what lube to add to the transaxle. It's a gear/belt machine, with 6 fwd. speeds, as in 1-2-3 and then a "Hi-Lo" range selector. The nylon collar around the shifter allowed much of the fluid to leak out (judging from how dirty the transaxle was compared to how clean rest of the machine is) and I retightened the little bolts that held the collar down. It will probably still leak as the collar is warped--maybe I'll try some silicone. The book just says "The Transxle is lubricated at the factory and should require no further lubrication by the owner." So I have two questions: 1. Is Hypoid 90W gear oil okay, or should I use something else?, 2. IS there a plug to add fluid through, or should I remove the shifter collar (the tractor is currently upside down, so this might be easier or harder this way--not sure, as it's raining out) to add the fluid in? Model Numbers: The transaxle says "Foote 3264" and "Foote 4000-3 10-5-84" It's a vertical shaft, 11 hp, cast iron liner "industrial" Briggs, Model: 253707, Type: 0137-02, Code 84120410, not that the engine numbers matter for this question. Thanks, everyone! Peter

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