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Simple Pleasures

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The right front wheel on my 7013S was been "floppy" ever since I acquired it. To fix it I replaced the inner wheel bearing (rollers fell out when removed from axle) and installed a new top bushing in the axle. To install the bushing I made a bushing driver on the lathe and used it to drive the top bushing to the bottom (now have two old bushings in the bottom) and install the top bushing I made. Installed a new inner wheel bearing cup and cone, reused the original grease seal, and outer bearing. Tractor steers much better now. :) The "simple pleasures" were using the lathe to make something I needed, using the tool I made, and fixing the floppy wheel problem. No biggie but enjoyable to me. Footnote on new bearings: Got the cone assembly with rollers and cup from Motion Industries (MI) for $11.56 including $1 tax. Cup was $5.78 and cone was $4.78. MI would have charged about 50% more if I hadn't looked up the prices on their web site first. Timken part numbers are: Cone LM11949; Cup LM11910. That's it,

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