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The 720 is getting better...

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I think I've got my new-old 720 running well now, a week after ourchase. Turns out that timing is everything. And so is cooling. When I acquired it, the timing was a zillion miles off, and it was missing the air duct over the right side cylendar. 20 minutes with some sheet metal, zip disk, drill and hammer, and both cylendars are cooling again. A bit of fidgitting with a test light, and now the timing is way better too. An electric fuel pump per the advice on this board, and re-set the carb nozzles to per the operators manual, and she's running like a top now. There's definately an oil leak, though. Not sure if it is hydraulic or engine oil, but it's definately getting blown forward across the oil filter. I'll have to dig into this a bit more and see where it's bleeding from. Then, some new belts on the mower deck, new chains in the rototiller, fresh grease and oil in everything, and a new tractor seat. I'm in mowing heaven. But this thing seriously needs power steering. Peter Straub AC 720

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