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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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gotta love theese old landlords -WOW

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just put a exhaust stack,w/flapper, and a set of AG duals on the rear of my landlord 2010. took it out to the garden and hooked up the disc to till under the corn and veggie plants under. gettin it ready for the winter rye plant. well i also worked on the disc this year. pitched it inward for more digging. i also added 2 front farm tractor wieghts on disc.{ they feel like a 100lbs each}. i started eatin up some ground, and after awile i found a few soft spots. this old tractor was diggin hard spinnin them duals at times pullin that disc. i had it buried 3 times up to the rear hitch frame. but only once i had to disconect the disk. then id put her in 2nd and pulled a nice wheely out of the holes she dug. WOW what a impressive little tractor. i have been a wheel horse guy for years, and happen to stuble across this free landlord last year. well, now i have 9 wheel horse's and 3 simplictiys { 2010-101-& allis B10}. my landlord 2010 is now my daily working tractor.

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