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Bolt patterns and bearing seats - old style arbors

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Here are a couple of arbors I have stripped down and dipped in an electroysis tank. In the pictures below, there is a fresh coat of rust converter applied and they are not yet painted. But notice the bolt patterns are different. Does it make a lick of difference which variation I use on the 48 inch deck (1690021)? I could even use carriage bolts to hold in the one on the left. I am thinking that with only 3 carriage bolts (with rounded heads), there may be less 'drag' inside the deck and might help optimize the discharge and suction of my vac unit. Thoughts?

One other difference is an apparent seat for the top bearing in the "3 bolt" arbor. Is this preferrable? Does anyone have a preference or a list of pros and cons of the two styles? Thanks in advance, Erik

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