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K321 governor problems (REPOSTED, CAN WE HELP?)


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HELP just got my first AC a 312H that had a grenaded 12hp in it. Picked up a great
deal on a K321 for the extra power. I can't get it to run at full throttle, the governor keeps
pulling it down. I've synchronized the governor the way a manual I found at the local
library. The only thing is it must need a ring job, getting a lot of blow by through
breather, and seems to be really down on power. Does anyone know if the carbs
between the 14 and 12 hp engines are the same? I thought that might have something
to do with it. Also does anyone have a diagram of the brake system on the 312. I
found one at the library but it's wrong. It shows two rods to run the brake band (ones
for park brake) mine looks to only have 1 rod, can't tell its all missing thanks for the help
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Sorry no one has answered, I guess you stumped them! All I can suggest about the engine is set everything up by the book and see what happens. I have no specific knowledge of that tractor, though.
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You might try holding the carb open with your fingers, overriding the qovernor. Don't overrev it.
Next I would check the timing with a light.
If engine doesn't respond like it should, check muffler for restrictions. If engine is an oil burner look under the exhaust valve for excessive carbon build up. We have seen all of these things in our shop. Good luck if nnone of these help repost, we'll dig deeper.
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In the prevoius message I meant to say intake valve. We have seen these caked up almost to the size of the valve pockets. Good luck, Al
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