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The 3212 (3216, I found out)

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Here are the photos of the $22 3212 I got at the auction at the Colchester show. The wheel weights you see are doubled (which Elon pointed out at the show--I didn't catch it).

I went through it a little more closely today, and found a 16h.p. I/C transplant in it. As I said in my previous post, it turns and there is compression. I noticed the sheetmetal for the grille was dented out a little to make room for the S/G. At first I thought it had the wrong sheetmetal but the newer engine probably, I assume, had different dimensions. When I'm a little less lazy I'll pull a battery from something and see if it at least cranks and hopefully sputter.

The snowblower isn't for this tractor, apparently. The place for the lift rod is on the wrong side. A length of angle iron was attached and used for the lift on the other side (right side).

Finally, the tranny. It has a little rod in the back to disengage the hydro rear end, as Reed explained to me at the show is for the Sunstrand. But there is also a little lever on the left side which a QVEA member (the club putting on the show) told me while helping me load it is to disengage the tranny. I'm leaning toward Reed's advice, since, well, the little rod worked and the lever on the left side just swings freely. The rod:

The thingy on the left:

Anyone know what the setup on the left side is for in the last photo? It is a sunstrand, isn't it (never owned a hydro)? And is one tranny or the other considered/thought to be better than the other? Thanks. edit: Oh...the white thing on top of the engine is a length of pvc that was fit over the run/kill knob on the motor. A hole was drilled in the hood to access it. It was a neat hole at least. Personally, I think it would be just as easy as running some wire to make it accessable at the dash. Here's to hoping it works! Update--Went out this afternoon after work and tried to take off the wheel weights. Three came off but one is stuck on there but good. I hit it with Kroil so we'll see if it comes off tomorrow. If not, I'll let the air out and put some heat on it. Drained the gas. Filter was on with arrow pointed towards gas tank:(:(. Also found a ground wire from the engine to frame broken at the frame. Pulled spark plug and muffler head, and both were clean. Took off the snowblower. I completely forgot that the lift handle transfers to the right side. The angle iron was actually the lift rod. A hose clamp almost held some twin loop to the angle iron to lift it. Don't ask me why the PO just didn't get some steel rod and make a lift rod. I drained the oil out of the tranny and block--both were dark but clean. Forgot about the BGB...hopefully Friday.

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