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Lift Quadrant weld-up

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Well, if anybody cares, I had my first snow experience since my move from a 725 to a 3415H. Seems I miss my gear job, but will probably get used to the Hydro. Extra HP is sure nice. Now I seem to just "idle" around. I think once I switch over both bevel gear box and pump pulleys to Cast Pulleys, I will be able to "slip" the clutch/pump like old times. She's a bit "grabby" now because the pulleys are probably bent. A new belt will be in order as well. If I can slip the clutch it will be like having a gear drive anyhow. Iused to just use 3rd and reverse, "slipping" along as needed. But, That "overly notched" Lift quadrant is on its way out ! I need to drop the blade asap, letting it "float" without catching on any notches so's I can get to steering ! I have my right hand tied up with the Hydro handle now you know.... The "springs on the rod" method of "floating" does not allow for in and out of driveways very well. I will weld up all but the top and bottom ones like the old 725. I also miss the weight I could put on the rear lift which helped lift the blade. That points to another necessary modification. Chris Luebke

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