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Dual wheels for Sovereign


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When I used to commercial mow I used Dual 6-12 ag tires from 2 wheel walk behinds on my 3212h with 100lb home molded lead wheel weights. I rolled a 1 1/2" wide band that fit inside the roll at the beads and used 1/2" ready bolts to hold them together. We mowed very adverse ground and they worked, however I broke several axle tubes because of it. I also used to widen the rims to 10 1/2 inches and put 26x12.00x12 ag treads with fluid,on at our dealership. A customer of ours tipped our new demo over backwards with them. With adequate tires like this, these tractors will climb until they come over on you. BE very cautious of this if you do this. We quit doing these about 7 yrs ago because of the liability. The factory did make a set of adaptors that went on the wheel bolts back in the late 60s. I have a set, however they aren't for sale.
Good Luck, but BE CAREFUL if you do this.
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