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AC Broadmoor II 6011

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I adopted a Simplicity 6011 broadmoor II last fall, which came with the house.
Being new to the lawn care side of life and not knowning much about riding lawn mowers,
I thought I'd ask a simple question.

When adding fuel, do I have to add 2 cycle oil to the gas?

The motor is a briggs & stratton model 252707 type 131-01

All I got with this collectable , is a parts manual... nice if you want to see an exploded view of things.
But there wasn't a maintainance or user manual.

Well that's it for now.


PS.. CC me email if you can.

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Hi James, and welcome. Feel free to ask any questions you want, that's what this group is for.
First off, no, you don't add oil to the fuel for a four-stroke engine. Use clean, fresh regular unleaded gas.
Just make sure you change the crankcase oil fairly frequently as that vertical 11 Briggs does not have a filter. In general terms, use a high quality SAE 30 in summer, and a 10W-30 in winter. A synthetic such as Mobil-1 would be even better if you use the tractor in the winter. Change the oil when it becomes noticeably dirty, or perhaps 25 running hours max. Also clean/service/replace the air filter frequently as instructed on the decal (if equipped) or check with a Briggs dealer. All air-cooled engines also need to have their cooling fins kept clean of chaff and dirt. An air nozzle is the easy way if you happen to have a compressor, or by removing the flywheel shroud and cleaning things out manually. Any Briggs service dealer can provide technical publication Part No: 270962, "Repair Manual For Single Cylinder 4-Cycle Engines", which is an excellent reference on the care and feeding of these engines. Any Simplicity dealer can get you an operator's manual for the tractor. All he needs are the 'product' (the "169xxxx" number) and serial numbers from the chassis decal. That will likely cover all maintenance and adjustments questions. I would further suggest that if you need any replacement belts, use only Simplicity parts. They aren't cheap, but generally hold up much better than generic ones.

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