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I have recently purchased a Simplicity 6216,
not a 6212 as I had posted before. Sorry for the
confusion. The man I bought it from has no idea what year it is.
Could someone please help. It has a 16 horse twin.
What year did they start making these engines.
One last thing, I am in the market for a used
snowplow for this machine. Thank you for your help.
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TB, That model-1690135/1690688 was made from '81-'87 check on the left tin shield as you sit on trac. by spark plug. There you should see some #s stamped in the metal. Look at 1st 2 digits under 'code' that's the yr. eng was made,trac. is usually 1 yr. newer than eng yr. Look at used mower network, there might be your plow for sale there or try classifieds in our site! Which by the way is the best one on the net!! Good Luck! dlc
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TB, I was just looking it up but Dave beat me to it. A site "Search" yields the following from the "X-Ref Table".
A 6216 with product number 1690688 was built in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984.
One with number 1690930 in 1984, 1985.
And one with number 1691035, year(s) unspecified.
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