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Ronald Hribar

Sorry no pictures

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Ronald Hribar
I was intent on getting pictures of my 7116 blowing snow, But the photographer would not get out of bed. Last week I burnt the electric pto out of the 7117 . This was after, I had poor performance with mid pto. I had to hurriedly put 7116 back into service. I had no lift on it. so blower could move up or worse down on its own. So during week I put hand life back in. I had removed handle , and everything associated with lift from tractor. Then I sanded and painted snow blower chute. Even though I heated chute up before and after painting and kept in in warm area, it was taking its time curing. So I applied teflon tape inside of chute. The tape is 1 1/2 " wide. I am really excited about results. I cleaned up todays snow. Then when into shoveled snow banks, And had no problems. My carb linkage acted up, so will put my ice guard on. Teflon tape did start coming off, Sorry about looooong story, but improvement is like night and day.

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