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More MN snow


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We dodged the bullet on all the storm and blizzard warnings last week, but still got plenty of snow. Considering that the ground was nearly bare 10 days ago. All in all, I got about 16 hours of "tractor time" in removing snow this past week. About 3 to 4 inches of what you see here is snow that was already blown once when I was far enough away from the road that the blown snow wouldn't reach across. Sure takes a lot of power to move that snow a second time.

Here's the finished yard of my machine shed.

Driveway from the machine shed looking to the east.

Driveway from the machine she looking to the west.

Driveway from my shop on the west end of the main drive.

This is the first and only time I've had the blower tractor out this season.
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hey, I remember that driveway. Nice to see you got some fun tractor time in hiding in that cab from the elements^. I can relate to the extra power reblowing snow takes, I get that in my back yard, wood lot area. Cool pictures.
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