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An old friend came home to roost after twelve years. I put together a B207 RLM with a 10 HP engine and sold it to a friend of mine. He ran all this time with little or no problems that he couldn't handle. Anyway he bought a different mower after confessing that he got more then his money's worth and wanted to know if I wanted the old girl back.
I stripped it down for the tires, engine, three mower arbors and the mower deck rollers. The rest went to tractor heaven as everything else saw it's day. When I took off seat pan and flipped it over I saw what appears to be a spot of original paint and cut out that section.
If anybody wants to try a can let me know and I see what the local paint store gets for a spray can or gallon. I confess as not seeing any when they were new, but after looking at the seat pan and that part being out of the elements, I have to imagine that it is close as you are going to get.
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