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Snowthrowin' Fun

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I acquired a 36" snowthrower for my B112 this past summer, and the storm we had last weekend here in the North East was my first opportunity to use it. 12" of COLD powder. Now, my only previous snow throwing experience was with my 1969 Lambert duel stage thrower. It never seemed to work great, but then, usually the snow around here is wet and heavy. I usually plow my driveway with the 4x4, and then finish up the smaller stuff with my Massey-Harris Pony/w plow, and finally blow the walk ways. This time I quickly plowed with the 4x4 so we could get the car in the driveway (we were away during the storm), then hopped on the B112 for the first snowthrower experience... My god, I could not believe how far I was throwing snow. My walkway from the driveway to the house is about 40' from my property line, and all the thrown snow was ending up in my neighbors yard...over an 8' picket fence!!! The stuff in the driveway was being blown better than halfway up the roof of my barn, which stands better than 30' high. Of course, I never thought to adjust the chute deflector to lower the trajectory. I just didn't want to stop throwing the snow. So, I made some paths around the yard, did a couple of neighbor's driveways, and finally after a full tank of gas, took a break. I looked a bit like a snow man. Man that was fun! Can't wait for the next storm!! -Greg

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