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Does anyone know of a book that is written specifically for AC/Simplicity L&G tractors that discusses the history, factories, when AC got into it, why & where the 300 and 400 series tractors were made, lists of implements or attachments available for each etc. I know there are books on AC and books on garden tractors in general but I'm interested in AC & Simplicity L & G.

Anyone interested in attempting such a feat?
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I have a book about Allis Chalmers farm equipment by Norm Swinford. According to this book, Simplicity agreed to sell their 7hp tractor and its line of attachments to A-C and in late 1961 it became known as the model B-1 A-C. A-C purchased Simplicity in 1965. In 1968,
Allis Chalmers opened a plant in Lexington,SC.
In 1971 they adopted a new color scheme-cream
hood, orange body, and cream wheels. This was also when they introduced 200 and 300 series tractors. The 300 serie was the first to have this color scheme along wth a Kohler engine.
The 300 series was replaced by the 400 series in early 1973. They were only built one or two years. The Lexington plant also closed in 1973.
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