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Doing a search for a past message or reply!!

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Hello everyone, Have you ever wondered if something such as a question you might have has been asked before? Or you might need an answer really quick if it has! "Kent" provided us with the means at the top of this page to check such things out. I just now used it for the first time and found it to most accurate and easy to use. If you have some spare time I highly recommed trying to use it and if I can figure it out "ANYONE" and I do mean anyone can as I am not always with it as some would say. Heck now that I figured out how to do it in all of 5 min. I might just go back and delete some of my message's or replies that didn't make sence ha ha ;) Hey I am not suggesting not to ask your questions at all because I like reading this stuff "but" if you need the information like write now it and its been posted before it can really help you out in my opinion. Besides "Kent" put it there when some of us asked if it was possible and it would be a shame to not use it such as myself just think of all that information just setting there waiting to be read again and again. Thanks just a suggestion....take care, >>->happyjack<-<<

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